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på: 13.10.2020, 13:56:39
I have excessive tire wear on my summer tires. The tires has worn down to the tread on all four tires on the inside after about 30000 kilometres. Has anyone else had the same problem. I see that my winter tires are also not far behind in requiring a replacement. This is unsafe and too expensive!


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Svar #1 på: 21.04.2021, 03:12:09
Hi,Just got on this forum, so therefore the late reply.Yes I have had same problem as you describe on an X 75D 2018/3 on rear tyres at aproxx. 42000Km
I took it to Tesla and first they tried to blame my driving habits, and using the air suspension at "low" and other BS - but I insisted that the uneven wear on just inside could was not attributable to any of those things. Eventually they agreed that the control arms were faulty/worn out bushings, and they replaced "Both rear lower arms and integral links replaced" on warranty.They even supplied two new summer tires :-), which was a good gesture since mine were not new, but had run ca. 25000km (winter tires had the remaining 30'km)

At another later instance ca. 64000 km the front wheels were funny and pulling to one side, and they replaced upper control arms there as well on warranty.Overall seems a lot of suspension replacements on a relatively new car..

As long as they replace its ok, but I hate to be insisting with them. And only bcz I'm an engineer by profession, I can hold an argument with the Tesla technicians pretty well. I suspect they can fool most anybody by wishy washy BS...?
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