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på: 10.07.2020, 01:21:42

Firstly, sorry for writing in English, I'm British and (sadly) like most British I only speak English. Sorry!

Secondly, Norway is awesome!
And I'm planning my third trip there. I could really do with some help though.
Driving long distances and sleeping in or next to my Model S is nothing new. IMG_20180529_120810_1.jpg was taken here in 2018 during my third driving visit to Romanian and second in the Model S.

As mentioned in the subject this trip will be in winter.
Specifically December.
Starting from the ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik (after a long day from Europoort to Hirtshals), I'm thinking of approximately the following
Larvik to Geilo via Gol.
Geiloto Trondheim
Trondheim to Lofoten
Lofoten to Honningsvåg
Honningsvåg to Karasjok
Karasjok to Gol
Gol to Larvik
Then a high speed rush across Germany back to Europoort.

This will be basically all of December, giving lots and lots of time to get places.
I figure even way up north I can hop between chargers with an expected arrival above 40%

Where I'm in need of help is with tyres.
Winter tyres to drive in Norway in winter at all is fine. I use winter tyres in winter here in Yorkshire anyway, so would use them to drive into and out of Norway.
To travel all the way to the North Cape I'm going to want studded tires though.
Tyres are quite expensive, studded tyres are of no use to me at all here in the UK, and I'd only be doing something like 5-6000km on them.

Would there be any kind souls in the Gol area willing and able to help me purchase and then sell a set of studded tyres in December?
I won't have time to hang around trying to sell them myself.

Many Thanks!

Oh, IMG_20190501_141719_1.jpg is my bicycle in May last year after I rode it there.