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Covid-19 was a surprise to many. It would change our lives and turn the world upside down. Because the virus spread like wildfire, many changes were made and accepted by people around the world. It took some time to adjust to the new norm.

Online education is quickly becoming one of the most effective methods to teach education. Online education was so powerful that it became an almost ubiquitous part of our rapidly growing world. Schools were closed and there was no physical interaction between students and teachers. It was not long before most schools and educational institutions switched to online learning to allow students to continue their education. Education has seen a dramatic shift with the rise of e-learning. This is where teaching takes place remotely via digital platforms and not in physical classrooms.

Online classes and technology were a significant success story during the lockdown. Although we have been placed under house arrest, we are still connected to the world of education. Students have been prevented from being able to communicate with the outside world. The lack of exposure has also made it difficult for them to do so. Online classes have been the only way to improve students' mental health. Teachers took great steps forward to create learning environments and find solutions for their students so that they could continue learning. There was little time for preparation so curriculums were changed, lesson plans created, and activities planned. This allowed students to continue their online learning.

Online classes are becoming a popular option for students in education. Online learning allows students to access files and folders without any physical damage. Students can easily access their assignments and notes with just one click. This method of learning is easier and more engaging thanks to modern technology. The benefits of technology-enabled learning are numerous and more interesting. It makes subjects that were once boring fun and interactive. Students could now attend classes anywhere they wanted, as both the classes and the learning content were easily accessible from their homes. Online classes have become more accessible for students and teachers thanks to the integration of learning platforms with interactive applications. This allows more students to share their opinions using different online applications. Online submissions have become more stringent as students are regularly notified. Teachers can also track down students who fail to submit assignments on time. Students have become independent learners through online learning before they can make it into the real world. The class gave students the opportunity to try out new learning platforms and applications, which allowed them to gain new skills and abilities that will accelerate their growth. While some students responded well to the online learning environment, others needed a little more push.

Many private and public schools have successfully transitioned to online platforms like Zoom, Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, etc. While many find it daunting, others still enjoy the benefits. Online learning presents many challenges. While online learning played an essential role in the pandemic, its effects cannot be ignored. Because of the inability to access the internet, smartphones, laptops, and networks, online classes are not accessible to all students. This has meant that the less fortunate in society have been more at the receiving end. This could increase the disparity between class and demography in access to quality education.

Many students struggle with online learning because they can't focus long enough on the screen. There is an abundance of distracting content online that can distract and attract students. Teachers have worked hard to make their online classes engaging, interactive, and crisp in order to avoid distractions and keep students focused. However, online classes can be hampered by poor internet connectivity. Despite the fact that internet access has improved dramatically over the last few years, some areas of the country still lack decent internet speed or connectivity. Students are using inconsistency in internet connectivity as a reason to avoid important requirements like active visual presence, which is essential for maintaining vigilantes. The cameras are turned off, causing a disconnect between students and teachers. Many students log in to class, then become distracted by other activities. This is a common observation. Students are not subject to the rules and boundaries of a classroom environment so it is easy for them to disregard the importance of the curriculum. It is possible that the notebook work was not taken seriously. It is possible for students to distract themselves from online learning. Face-to-face interaction with peers is a benefit of traditional classroom education. These interactions are usually moderated by teachers. Children, particularly those in their early development years, benefit from the stability of classroom interaction, which allows them to develop empathy and cooperation. It aids in their development and real-life situations.

Learning never stops. In fact, learning evolved to survive and thrive. Technology has been the greatest enabler of this evolution, which is itself an invention that results from learning. Learning has been made easier by technology, and the advancement of technology has resulted in more learning. As they attempt to learn more, students need the support of their parents and teachers. Online learning will soon be an integral part of school education, and offline learning would merge with e-learning. Education will become hybrid in the near future. Covid has seen technology become an integral part of academics. Both students and teachers have been able to learn new skills and abilities through online programs and applications. The role of traditional classroom teaching cannot be replaced by online teaching. We will need to return to traditional teaching once the pandemic is over.

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What is an informative essay, you ask?
If you receive an assignment stating that you must write an "informative article", you may have thought, "phew! That's so much easier than other types." But don't let that fool you.

An informative article is a type of writing in which you give basic-level or more detailed information about a subject.

This will usually mean that you need to identify a term, compare two phenomena, analyze data, share your findings, or simply explain how something works. It can be assigned to any level of education.

It is difficult to focus on the right thing because of the broad definition. For future re-works, consult your professor before you create your outline.

Why is an outline necessary?

An outline is the best way to prevent writer's block. An outline is a structure that helps organize your essay. You can then fill in the gaps using blocks of text once you have it completed.

Before I begin writing any essays, I do research for informative essay topics. By doing this, I can see the end result before I start writing. This helps you bring order to your thoughts. This will create a sequence of coherent and well-organized ideas.

While it's not necessary to create an outline, it can make your life much simpler. Let's get right to it.

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